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Bornholm rowerem

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To go on your bicycle can be really terrible when the rain just keep coming down. But when it is just a light rain you will discover the most delightful smells. And in that special moment where the sun breaks through the clouds and the birds’ starts singing, then it is definitely going to be a wonderful vacation day for bicycling around Bornholm.
The bike theme is a part of Aakirkeby Camping. We have chosen the bicycle theme because we believe that this campsite is an excellent starting point for you and your bicycle. By staying centrally gives you the opportunity to choose whether the bicycle tour of the day shall go to the hilly or the more flat parts of the countryside.
You will find some of the best options for bicyclists on our campsite. Among other things we have washing machine, tumble dryer, drying cupboard, shoe dryer, bicycle tools, big kitchen with pots and pans, possibility for eating inside or outside, renting of grills, car free zones and a camping store full of daily items, information and suggestions on what to see.
To be on vacation with your own tent and children can be surprisingly tough. A good advice from our guest on bicycle vacation is „sometimes to stay more than one night at the same place and to start the vacation in the more flat parts of the countryside”.