Bicycle Tips

Tips for the bicycling tour on Bornholm
You can say that Almindingen divides the landscape of Bornholm
North and East is very rocky and has many steep hills
South and West has a more flat landscape with many beaches
You can normally ride about 10 kilometres per hour incl. small stops on the way
Children has need for several breaks and do not ride so fast
Use the breaks to discover the area and for a handful of exercises
Drink a lot of water and eat often, perhaps fruit and dark bread
Remember toilet paper and a small bag, as there is not always a toilet around when needed
Sometimes a lovely rain comes so place the raincoat on top in the bag
Do a few extra exercises upon arrival to the campsite
Tips for the luggage
Put maximum 10-15 kg of luggage on the bike
Divide the luggage so the bike is in balance
Avoid the rucksack on your back when you are biking
Carry on a firs aid box for the bike along with some cable tie
Bring along a small first aid kid for your travelling companions and yourself
Remember bike helmet, map, sun cream and water bottles
Tips for the planning
Are you biking around Bornholm July and August then it is a good idea to contact your next expected accommodation for availability.
Think of, that the coast north of Bornholm to around Gudhjem is the toughest biking path. Here will you meet some really steep hills and there are quite a lot of them.
Check your bike firmly before you start the tour of the day.
Make clear biking rules for the children. E.g. that they shall stop on top of the hill as it can be a steep and dangerous way down if you have too much speed.
Go on some training tours before you start your biking vacation.